With the first big snow hitting Grand Rapids this week, police are teaming up with Mel Trotter Ministries to make sure the city's homeless population have a warm place to stay this winter. 

Fox 17 reports that officers are going around and checking on those sleeping outside and offering to help get them to Mel Trotter Ministries.

Mel Trotter spokesperson Abby Sladdick says they have about 465 beds available and expect them to be at capacity most of the time. She continued,

"Other agencies take just men or just women.  We take anyone that comes to our doors that is homeless. That could be someone who struggles with addiction, or mental illnesses.  Men women, children; we see lots of families this time of year."

If you'd like to help Mel Trotter in their mission, you can donate here.

Police ask that if you see someone sleeping outside this winter to contact them at 616-456-3400.

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