I live pretty close to downtown Grand Rapids. Whenever I'm asked what downtown GR is lacking, I always say the same thing-- a grocery store!

Well, now it looks like one may be on the way. Kind of. From the sound of it, the new store proposed at 38 Commerce will have more options than what's currently available, but won't carry all the items one might seek on a full-on trip to the grocery store.

According to MLive, partners who own the Pyramid Scheme and Meanwhile Bar are proposing to open "The Shark Market" in the apartment/ retail building on the corner of Commerce Avenue and Weston Street SW.

On May 12th, they'll go before the City Planning Commission to seek permission to start construction and sell alcohol at the store.

MLive reports that according to a request for a permit, the Shark Market will emphasize "specialty food items, grocery staples, Michigan craft beer and a world-class wine selection" and "will provide a greater variety of food and household items than its downtown competitors."

The store hours are planned to be 10a.m. to 2a.m.