Back in high school, the only music that I ever listened to before metal took over my life, was KISS and Green Day. Something about the look, the music, and the attitude the band had during that era of my life was something I latched onto like a sickness and fell in love with it.

It was all because of Green Day's 'American Idiot.'

Just ask anyone during my Junior and Senior year of high school, Green Day was the king of music for me.

I can actually remember the first time I ever heard American Idiot, and it was on WGRD (way before I even thought of working in radio). I was sitting with my friends and band mates at New Orleans Shaved Ice on Bridge St. They usually played WGRD on the speakers, then I heard those power chords playing. My first impression wasn't to impressed, but after I heard it again, I was freaking hooked.

It immediately influenced the way I wrote music, played guitar, dressed, etc. While many Green Day elitist think it's a lame record, I loved every damn song that was on it, even the ones that weren't singles.

American Idiot, Jesus of Suburbia, Holiday, Whatsername, Homecoming...all of them were great. The record just had a lot of attitude that spoke to me during that time of my life, and I still have a lot those outlooks today.

Politics for example...I just don't care, and the more I don't care about politics, the less people I piss's just easier for me.

I also saw them twice during the album cycle. Once at Cobo Arena in Detroit, and another at Van Andel Arena. The shows were MASSIVE and the amount of energy that Billie Joe Armstrong is unmatched to many artist today.

My musical taste have changed over the years primarily to the heavy metal genre, which I feel most at home with, but I won't forget my previous years of my love for Green Day.

Black hair and skinny ties.