A massive DIY punk show took place in Los Angeles over the weekend, leading to the LAPD firing rubber bullets into the mosh pit. The “illegal” outdoor gig featured over half a dozen bands and took place under the 110 Freeway.

Up to 2,000 people reportedly attended the DIY gig, which featured acts Dead City, Barrage, Wacko, N*NOFACE, Section H8, Clorox Dream, Self Sabotage and Alpha & Omega. Photos and video from the mostly maskless event look absolutely wild, with one picture shared by Dead City showing a fiery projectile flying through the air.

“Thank you to everyone who showed and and all the people who made this possible. Respect to all the people who stayed for our set as the pigs shot rubber bullets and tear gas at us while we played,” Dead City write.

See more footage from the show shared on social media below:

According to the LA Times, a number of concert attendees spilled out into the freeway, disrupting oncoming traffic. Despite police deploying “less than lethal” rounds into the crowd, no injuries were reported and no arrests were made.

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