Over the Thanksgiving break, a life long friend and I had a heck of great time on a pheasant hunt in the thumb area of Michigan.

My friend Rob, that I have known since I was four years old, invited me on a pheasant hunt for Black Friday.

I have to say hunting pheasants on Black Friday was much more fun than dealing with crazy shoppers that's for sure. We had so much fun that it looks like we may make this an annual hunt.

Most hunters know that pheasant hunting in the state of Michigan is not like it once was thanks to the Department of Natural Resources allowing the coyotes to run wild across the state nearly wiping out small game hunting completely.

Rob suggested one of those hunting ranches that specialize in pheasant hunting. I have never hunted this way before so I was a bit skeptical but knew that the conversations to and from the hunt would be well worth the trip regardless of our hunting success or lack thereof.

I have not bird hunted in quite some time but borrowed my dad's 20 gauge Remington 1100 and thank goodness it was like riding a bike.

A guy by the name of Bob was our guide and he had an excellent dog by the name of Belle that put us on eight birds - we were able to bring back seven of them.

I haven't hunted behind a dog in many years and it sure brought back memories of my dad and I hunting with our dogs from back in the day. Next year dad will have to make the trip with us for sure, I know he will love it.

Watching the dog work was something else plus Belle would bring the birds right back after we would shoot. You could hear Belle's nose working like a vacuum cleaner tracking those ring-necks down.

The hunt was great and although the drive was quite long, I don't think it was long enough for Rob and I to get in all of our conversations. He kept having to turn on his window defroster in his car because we talked so much we would fog up the windows.

It was great to reconnect with Rob and now that I am back in Michigan I look forward to many more chances to talk about hunting, fishing and one of our favorite topics...rock 'n roll.

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