For the fifth GRD Dumb Internet Challenge, Metalhead Ned and I went to Riverhouse Ada in Ada to see who could eat more of its delicious-but-dangerous Dragon Habañero chicken wings.

These things pack a lot of heat after a great taste up front! A lot of heat.

I love spicy food, and Ned enjoys it a bit, too. So, we thought, "What the hell!" Right?

We started off with a sampler of the wings, and then got more.

These wings are so good, but the heat really comes after you! Just when you think it's going away, it comes back to kick your ass again! Apparently, that's the way habaneros works.

I managed to scrape out a victory against Ned by eating one more wing than he did!

It only took me five dumb challenges for me to actually win one! This week, I get to give the delicious chocolate gold medal to me!

I'd like to thank my mom and dad for always supporting me, Ned for not being able handle the heat, the academy for ... wait a second, I hate awards shows!