Every Thursday night is the GRD Bad Bowlers League. It is a night where a bunch of us get together, get plowed on cheap beer, and bowl very badly! I normally like to hand out prizes to the "bad bowler of the week" Someone who is just a drunk ass, who bowls like a 55, but this week I couldn't do that... because I met Kurt. Kurt has not only an epic mustache, but he also bowled a 225 the first game! WOOHOO Go Kurt! Like I always say, it's good to be bad, and in Kurts case, the bad mustache was enough! ;) Kurt went home with a brand new IHome, speakers and docking system for your IPhone or IPod touch!

If you missed the league this season don't fret! We start back up for our winter league January 17th! Meet us out at Fairlanes in Grandville at 6:15PM. Teams of 4, for only 11 dollars a bowler, PLUS we have an extra special grand prize for everyone involved in the league! Not to mention I'll be there drinking lots of beer and have lots of fun! =)