In basketball, you have five players on the court during the game, but that is all Grand Rapids Community College had to play and win their last two games.

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College Basketball

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There is nothing like college basketball. The excitement of the teams, players, and fans is some of the most fun watching of any sport on the planet.

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No matter how big or small the school is, the games are exciting and can have a variety of different outcomes. But what if you only have just enough players to play?

How Many Players Are On A College Basketball Team Roster

The rule in college basketball is that you can have 15 players on the roster for the team. 13 of the players get dressed for game day with five players on the court at any given time.

GRCC Men's Basketball Team Win's Last 2 Games With Only 5 Players

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If anyone of the last two Grand Rapids Community College men's basketball games were played for a championship, I am sure a movie would be made. Nonetheless, it's still two very special wins by the team while only having five active players who played the whole 40 minutes of basketball.

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The GRCC beat Hope College 90-66 on December 8 and beat Lake Michigan College 83-71 on December 10. That is pretty impressive seeing how all five players were on the court the entire game with no substitutions.

Why Were There Only 5 Players on GRCC Men's Basketball Team?


An incident occurred during the GRCC Raiders game against Glen Oaks Community College that led to a bench-clearing scuffle where GRCC's Lavonta Ash and Brockton Kohler were ejected from the game. The incident led to several players getting suspended for two games and leaving the team short-handed.

What Five GRCC Players Were On the Court Short-Handed for Two Games

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The five GRCC players that played both games short-handed are freshman guard Jajuan Walker, freshman Bashir Neely, Jordan Houser, Chris Coleman, and Seth Schuitema.

The two wins continued the GRCC Raider's win streak making the team 10-0 which is the team's best start since the 2000-2001 season when the team kicked off the season 13-0.

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