Need to blow off some steam by smashing some stuff? I hear you! And so does the new rage room in GR, designed to let you do that without being arrested!

The first 'rage room' in the Grand Rapids area is set to open soon.

What is a 'rage room'? It's a safe place you can go to break stuff to vent all your frustrations.

Did your work computer seize up. Take a sledge hammer to a computer and you'll feel so much better, even though it's not the actual computer you want to bash.

Break Room Therapy is scheduled to open on June 6, it's located at 889 76th Street #12 in Byron Center.

Dawn Levian told WWMT News that she came up with the idea for Break Room Therapy a few months back when she was looking for a way to relieve stress and found out about rage rooms online. Unfortunately, the closest one was miles away in the Detroit area.

So Dawn and her husband figured, why not open our own rage room for GR residents?

The business provides stuff to smash like computers, TVs, and printers (remember the famous scene from 'Office Space'?).

You can destroy all of it with hammers, baseball bats, crow bars, or just by winging across the room into the wall. And it feels so good!



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