You hear a lot of news about Police officers all the time and unfortunately a lot of the time its not good news. Today, its great news. Some donations that came in allowed the Grand Rapids police to surprise some families in an area neighborhood with a brand new basketball hoop.

According to WOOD TV, a video that was posted by Latoya Frazier went viral that showed some Grand Rapids Police racing with some kids after it caught the eye of an officer in Gainesville, Fla.

It just so happens the Florida officer, Bobby White, runs a nonprofit called the Basketball Cop Foundation. White, was part of a viral video where he was playing some hoops with some local kids that made its rounds on social media. He saw Frazier's video and used his foundation to get the basketball hoop in the hands of the Grand Rapids Police.

Grand Rapids Police Department headed over to Prospect Avenue SE north of Burton Street on Wednesday and had a friendly game of hoops with some of the neighborhood kids.

Officer Austin Diekevers told WOOD-TV8, "I think it's very helpful, as you can see, it brings people from all over the neighborhood together and hanging out tonight."

Just a friendly reminder, most police officers are pretty great people and do a lot for you and I. So don't let the actions of a few alter your image of all the great things police do for your community.

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