Not only did Grand Rapids make it onto Groupon's list of top vacation destinations in the United States in 2015-- it took the number one spot!

Here are the reasons Groupon thinks GR is awesome, and the other cities we beat out!

Groupon applauds Grand Rapids for it's flourishing arts scene (As it should! There's ArtPrize, LaughFest, tons of concerts, and so much more going on!), population growth, and booming craft beer industry, noting that USA Today crowned GR “America’s Best Beer Town” in 2014.

(It's not mentioned in this article, but GR is still the reining Beer City USA!-- And we'll keep the title, since the magazine who crowned us has decided to discontinue the contest. Beer City for Life. Boom.)

Grand Rapid's closeness to gorgeous Lake Michigan and West Michigan's beach towns get props too!

Go Grand Rapids!

Here's the full list of Groupon's "Top 15 Places to Visit in the Unites States in 2015":

1. Grand Rapids, Mich.
2. Texas Hill County
3. Queens, N.Y.
4. Southern Utah
5. Bay Area, Calif.
6. Chicago, Ill.
7. Coastal Oregon
8. Great Smokey Mountains, Tenn.
9. Keystone, Colo.
10. Savannah, Ga.
11. Newport, R.I.
12. Phoenix, Ariz.
13. Orlando, Fla.
14. Las Vegas, Nev.
15. Niagra Falls, N.Y.