The Intersection has recently moved into the top 20 in the world in ticket sales according to Pollstar.

Pollstar ranked The Intersection at 15th in the world for ticket sales in its quarterly club rankings for the first quarter of 2018. (The rankings are available only to subscribers of Pollstar).

Why  have they been so successful? A diversified line up says managing co-partner Scott Hammontree.

"The Intersection always been known to book across all genres, and we will continue to do that down here for sure, whatever the kids are listening to," Hammontree, recently told FOX 17 News. "I say, 'Kids,' because our average customer skews younger than, say, other venues. But that is our job, to pay attention to what everyone is listening to, and this certainly gives us space to put those acts in."

The Intersection repeatedly sold out its two main venues, The Showroom (capacity 1500) and The Stache (capacity 400). They recently opened two brand new venues, The Mint (a VIP Room) and Elevation (capacity 800).

"I think we sold out (The Stache), I don't know, thirty, forty times last year," Hammontree also told FOX 17. "Where we realistically could have sold another 200 to 300 tickets. So we just noticed a void in the market for that size room. So Joel (co-owner Joel Langlois)and I kind of kicked this concept around for the last couple years and decided to pull the trigger on it."


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