Grand Rapids has taken a lot of steps in past years to become a more bicycle-friendly city. A group of bike riders in Eastown on Wednesday, reportedly did not feel that love coming from a motorcyclist, who they claim became angry and caused a collision.

The altercation between the motorcyclist and the bicyclists was caught on camera and posted to Reddit and YouTube.

Fox 17 reports that friends Greg Newland and Kent Sinclair were riding their bikes along Cherry Street in Eastown when the incident occurred.

Newline told Fox 17,

“We hear honking, beeping and he’s yelling get off the road, get off the road. I’m in the shared bike lane and it has painted chevrons on it, so we’re all the way on the right side, and I’m thinking I can’t get over any more and he’s still honking.”

They say a man riding a bike behind them was the target of the motorcyclists' rage; that he basically tailgated the cyclist then sped up and stopped in front of the other rider, allegedly causing a collision in which the motorcycle's sidecar hit the biker.

Newland then caught the aftermath on video, which shows the motorcyclist yelling then speeding away. Here is that footage.

Fox 17 reports that the cyclist was not injured, but damage was done to his bike and he is planning to file a police report.

The original poster gave an update on Reddit:

"He has been found. I have his name, his home address, his place of business and his local hangouts.

Police report has been filed. News covered the story. I have now heard about another dozen cyclists that this same man has harassed them, including throwing trash, waiting at a corner for cyclist to catch up just so he could yell at them more before driving away, riding between bikers to scare them and so on."

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