If you’re hoping for Solar Eclipse glasses, the search is getting harder and harder to actually find them!

Friday the frenzy kicked into high gear, with us even taking calls on air about where to find the glasses.

At one point, we were told a national chain with local stores might have had them, and then were quickly called by that store that they were flooded with call and in fact DID NOT have any of the elusive glasses.

Then we heard you can get the glasses at your local library.  Well if that was your plan, it’s not going to work out either. According to FOX 17 four locations of the Grand Rapids library, had eclipse glasses and they were going to hand them out throughout the day Saturday, but within minutes of opening Saturday morning, all 4 locations ran out of the glasses; within minutes, that’s just crazy!!

So, I guess really your last place to get the elusive solar eclipse glasses may be at our “Eclipse Party” Monday from 1 -3 pm at the Score.  We’ll have about 100 pairs to hand out for free, but it’s "first come first serve', so late-ish lunch on Monday?

source: FOX 17

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