Wallethub does a lot of studies on cities and they always have Grand Rapids scored well in their results, which we love. They've done another study on the best cities for celebrating St. Patrick's Day, and guess what? We're in the top 20! Because we're awesome!

They took several factors into account for their rankings:

  • Traditions
  • Costs
  • Safety and Accessibility
  • Weather

While Grand Rapids could have scored better on the "Traditions" column, we did pretty well as far as cost, safety, and weather.

There are some cities that just have a better track record with St. Patrick's traditionally, like Boston, of course. Heck, the celebration probably started there!

But Boston is a LOT more expensive to party in, and the weather is much crappier than we have here typically on St. Patrick's Day. Buffalo, NY is ranked pretty high up, but if you add in the whole "who the heck wants to go to Buffalo, NY" factor, then they'll drop way down.

So put on your green, take the day off, and get set to party like it's Belfast right here in our amazing city of Grand Rapids! First round is on you!

Check out some more fun facts about St. Patrick's Day, from Wallethub!

via Wallethub
via Wallethub

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