If population trends continue, according to the US Census, Grand Rapids will likely surpass Detroit in population sometime towards the end of the century.  So, it is no surprise that Grand Rapids is one of the fastest growing mid-size cities in the United States and the fastest growing city in Michigan.

WalletHub.com has released their list of the fastest growing cities in America and the only city from Michigan that breaks the top 50 overall and the top 25 for fastest growing mid-sized cities.

Grand Rapids is ranked the 48th fastest growing city in America and the 24th fastest growing mid-sized city.  If you are downtown often, this is becoming more and more obvious with the skyline being littered with massive cranes putting up brand new highrises.  Don't be surprised if Grand Rapids continues to rise on this list over next several years.

Here are the top 5 fastest growing cities in America:

  1. Fort Myers, FL
  2. Midland, TX
  3. Pearland, TX
  4. Bend, OR
  5. McKinney, TX

WalletHub's methodology focuses on two main factors: Sociodemographics (like population growth and working age population) and Job & Economy growth.

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