The pickleball boom is real. It's been named the fastest growing sport in the U.S. for the past three years!

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Did you know Grand Rapids hosts an international pickleball tournament? And this past summer rooftop pickleball courts opened at the Amway Grand Plaza downtown Grand Rapids.

Well now, the GR area is getting its first indoor pickleball courts!

All In Pickleball Gym is opening up soon at 400 76th St. SW, Suite 8, in Byron Center.

According to All In Pickleball Gym's website, the owner, Dan McConnon, grew up in Grand Rapids and has been involved in the pickleball community from a young age. Dan was inspired to open the new facility after noticing the growing number of players in West Michigan and the shortage of places to play.

The facility is 20,870 square feet, with seven courts that are fully enclosed with netting.

All In Pickleball Gym, Facebook
All In Pickleball Gym, Facebook

There's also a lounge area to relax before or after your game. All In Pickleball has a certified training team as well, with two dedicated training courts.

All In Pickleball, Facebook
All In Pickleball, Facebook

All In Pickleball Gym has three pricing models:

  • Nonmember pricing
  • Monthly member pricing
  • Annual member pricing

For nonmembers, cost is $7 per hour during peak hours and $5 per hour during off-peak hours.

You can find out more on pricing here.

According to Grand Rapids Business Journal, All In Pickleball Gym is currently in its soft opening phase and will open to the public April 21, 2023.

Earlier this week, All In Pickleball shared to Facebook that their bench seating had arrived.

Starting soon you'll be able to book a court online here.

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