The pickleball craze doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon, and a local brewery is jumping on board!

Pickleball has been named the fastest growing sport in the U.S. for the past three years.

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Crain's Grand Rapids reports that Broad Leaf Brewery is planning to add two indoor pickleball courts.


Broad Leaf Brewing opened its first location on the corner of Lake Eastbrook Boulevard and 29th St. in Kentwood in 2019.

Co-owners Kris and Jason Spaulding also own Brewery Vivant on Cherry St. SE. Another location, Broad Leaf Brewery and Spirits Westside opened in fall of 2022.

The pickleball courts are planned for the Kentwood location.

Previously warehouse space, Broad Leaf closed last week to move equipment for the new indoor gaming space.

Co-owner Kris Spaulding tells Crain's,

When we purchased that property, everything was in a different time for our industry. So we were in the idea that we were going to grow some more and we had been renting warehouses and it just made sense to have our own space. Now, as things have changed in the industry, through craft beer maturing and then the impact of the pandemic on how much people are drinking beer and going out, we just don’t need as much warehouse space.

They brainstormed different ways to monetize the space, and adding pickleball was the one that excited the Broad Leaf team the most.

Spaulding plays pickleball as does Broad Leaf's head chef Lee DeHaan.

She tells Crain's they may even add some new items as well that may appeal to the pickleball crowd like more vegan options and lower ABV drinks:

We’ll make certain adjustments that will be true to everything we’ve done already, but definitely extend in the direction of the athleisure type of thing.

Broad Leaf is doing the renovations themselves, including taking down cooler walls and redoing the floors.

A soft-opening for the pickleball court is planned for Dec. 1. Follow Broad Leaf Brewing on Facebook for updates!

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