If you are attending or plan on attending Grand Rapids Community College and love soccer, the good news, men's and women's soccer is coming in 2023.

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Since when I was a kid, and that was a long time ago, soccer has done nothing but grow in Michigan and around the United States.

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From kid's soccer to junior high and high school to college and even semi-pro teams in Michigan the game is on the rise.

What's great about the game for schools, is all you need is a ball, a couple of goals, and a field to play on making it the most affordable of sports for schools to have.

Football, soccer fans support their team and celebrate

There has even been talking of a potential pro soccer team and stadium coming to Grand Rapids by Carol Van Andel and Dick DeVos last year. People see the demand for the sport from fans as it has become the third most watched sport on TV. A local college has also seen a demand for soccer on its campus.

Grand Rapids Community College

Courtesy of Grand Rapids Community College
Courtesy of Grand Rapids Community College

Grand Rapids Community College will be offering men's and women's soccer programs in 2023. This will be great for students wanting to attend a school with a soccer program but also great for the GRCC.

indoor Soccer football field

According to MLive, soccer is the first sport the GRCC has added to its roster since 2014. The school is currently in the hiring process for coaches and setting up for a 2023 launch of both women's and men's teams.

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