Gr8bit Live for the past few years has been a great show for a great cause.

Bands like Playing with Power, Super Guitar Bros., The X-Hunters, and more have performed at this awesome show with the proceeds from the show going to purchasing new video & board games for Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.

Do those names look familiar? Yes, they are video game music cover groups.

Now, for its third year, it's looking to be bigger and better! However, it needs your help.

On July 11, the organizers of Gr8bit are looking to expand into something glorious.

In previous years, it was at The Pyramid Scheme, and focused entirely on the music. This year, though, they are aiming high and creating more of a convention feel with video & board games than just the music.

Gr8bit is looking to expand with video game & board game vendors, special guests speakers, tournaments and, of course, the big concert at DeVos Performance Hall!

I'll tell ya that I am pretty excited for Knight of the Round, which is a metal band playing Final Fantasy music.

However, before ANY of this can take place, the organizers need your help.

Obviously being at DeVos Performance Hall in Grand Rapids and putting together something of this caliber will need funding to take place. There is currently a Kickstarter campaign where you can donate to help the event along and plenty of great rewards that you will receive with your donation.

To help out, simply CLICK HERE!

It's a really cool event with a really good cause! So, check it out!

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