This was really cool to come across as I was scrolling through Facebook.

More than 70 musicians from the Grand Rapids Symphony and Symphony Chorus joined together under the direction of Music Director Marcelo Lehningeror, for a performance of “Hallelujah” Chorus from Handel’s Messiah. They called the performance “Hallelujah for Hope: From Our Homes to Yours”.

According to the press release from the GR Symphony, the more than 70 musicians recorded their parts of the song at each of their homes and then all the individual tracks were assembled for quite the performance.  I've seen a few of these done so far, and I gotta say, this one is very well done, both on the playing and the video production.

As Marcelo Lehningeror said in the press release,

“During these extraordinary circumstances, we need music more than ever. Music sustains us and nourishes us. It gives us comfort when we’re troubled and offers hope for renewal. Beethoven said it best: ‘Music can change the world,’ and we agree.”

You can check out “Hallelujah for Hope: From Our Homes to Yours” below and get your (stolen from the Daily Show) "Moment of Zen".

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