A Grand Rapids Police Officer shot a woman's dog that charged him Friday morning.

According to WZZM, officers received a call about an aggressive dog that was running wild at 2:15 a.m. on Kalamazoo Avenue.

Grand Rapids Police Sgt. Catherine Williams told WZZM, "When we arrived, the dog was still on scene, loose and pacing between four houses. When officers tried to entice the dog, it charged."

The dog's owner was at work when police dispatch tried to contact her. While working third shift she was told by a neighbor that police had surrounded her home.

Williams told WZZM-13 that they tried to snare the dog a couple of times and were unsuccessful. On the second attempt, the officer fell, dropped the snare, and (from the ground) shot the dog as it was charging him.

The dog was a five-year-old Pitbull and was shot twice. Once in the face the other in the chest.

The dog's owner, Shequelle Robinson, was notified by a neighbor over the phone the dog had been shot.

Robinson received a ticket for letting the dog run loose.

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