In what is one of the strangest sports rulings we've ever heard of, a viewer at home watching the LPGA ANA Inspiration tournament on Saturday noticed what they felt was an infraction by golfer Lexi Thompson.
 They called the network to express what they had seen, and in what must be a first, officials reviewed the tape and assessed Thompson a penalty the following day!

On Saturday, Thompson picked up her ball on the green and placed a coin down in its spot.  But when she went to place the ball back down on the green, the placement wasn't exactly in the same spot.  After reviewing the tape, the LPGA deemed that the caller's tip was legit and Thompson was docked two strokes for the improper placement, and an additional two strokes for signing an improper scorecard.

Check out the video below to see what we're talking about here.  The ball was literally an inch to the side.  Should she have been penalized?

And should viewers at home be able to call in this kind of tip? 



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