Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about those "Going Out of Business" sales you always see, and check out a news story that really doesn't provide any actual news or new information.

  • Basically, the news story tells us some things we already figured out about these story closing sales:
  • Don't be dumb
  • Use common sense
  • Use your coupons before the store actually closes...I guess they won't take them after they're closed
  • Make sure the product works before you buy it
  • If the sale price isn't a very good discount, you don't actually have to buy it

You know, things like this are super hard to figure out without their help.

Steve recently bought some new softball cleats from a "Going Out of Business" sale, and he's ready for tomorrow night's first game at second base. The guys, of course, are full of supportive and encouraging thoughts.

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