Grandwich is wrapping up, and as usual, I'm behind on current events. But that doesn't stop me from getting out and trying some of the Grandwich entries this year! There are a lot of sandwiches, so I won't get to all of them, but I'm having some like the German Schnitzel at Fat Johnny's Cheesesteak.

I like Fat Johnny's, and not just because it shares my name. They have pretty good cheesesteaks there.

So today's Grandwich try is the German Schnitzel there. It's a pork schnitzel with and egg, caper grain mustard, and fennel bacon slaw. I didn't see any bacon in there, sadly.

While the sandwich is pretty good, it could really use some bacon strips right on it. The mustard was a good spicy mustard wth big flavor, which could overpower the sandwich if you put on too much. The fried pork was not super packed with bold flavor, which seems to be normal, and the egg was a little on the hard side for me, but not a bad sandwich!

There's still some time for you to try it! Hurry!

Did I mention it could use some bacon? Order some with it, and you won't be sad.

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