The drive-in concert started in Denmark, then Keith Urban did one in the U.S. for medical workers and now Garth Brooks is taking the idea nationwide.

I thought the idea was great when I saw it done online in Denmark but my first thought was, this idea works well for small low production, low budget bands, but how is this going to work on a larger scale.

Right from the get go when I saw Denmark doing this, I thought and even suggested in a previous article that you could simulcast shows at multiple drive-in theaters. I think this would be a great and safe way for politicians to hold rally's as well as other industries that hold events at arena's.

Now when Keith Urban did the free show for a few hundred medical workers, it was a stripped down set up with just Urban and a couple musicians playing to some backing tracks but it was a trial run that all involved agreed that they needed to find a way to make this affordable for artists to pull off.

Well it looks like someone figured it out especially to get the king of country, Garth Brooks and the size production that his shows provide for fans.

According to WOOD, Brooks will be doing a one night only show at 300 drive-ins across North America on June 27. Tickets will go on sale June 19 at noon Eastern Time for $100 a car or truck. Here is a link to find a theater near you.

This will be an important show because Brooks is such a large artists they have all the resources to pull this off. The real question for promoters and artists is, can they make money using this model and will it work for other artists.

I'm real surprised a band like Pearl Jam or U2 have it signed on for the one of these but again there is still time. Metallica would be another likely candidate as well.

I think the idea is great and probably works better in the southern states since its warmer there longer but I guess since your in your car you could always turn on the heat in the cooler months.

I wonder if exhaust at these events will be a new problem to deal with down the road and where do you put trucks and tall vehicles vs cars?

I guess we watch and learn from this Garth Brooks show and see where this goes.

It would be great to see rock bands get on board with something like this sooner rather than later. Personally I'm in no hurry or ready to get in a large crowd to watch a show but I have no problem kicking back in my car or truck to watch from a far.

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