Yes...I know...this game is barely 2 weeks old, but it had to be mentioned. I have owned a WiiU for about 3 months (I think...) now and I have loved the system since I got it. I have mentioned many times, "Try before you judge" on this system, and I still stand by that statement. I've been waiting for a REALLY GOOD game to stumble upon this system...and that has happened.

What: You play as either Mario, Luigi, Toad, or Peach...some crazy wierd fairy land people have been bottled and kidnapped by the almighty Bowser...and he plans to take over the peaceful land! Save the usual!

Why: Let's start off with the fact that it is Super and pull up a flag right? Well yea...but imagine doing that with 4 players, awesome music (again...), fully HD graphics, and just an overall fun world. That is what has always been cool about that it is always just freakin' fun! This game takes the best of the 1, 2nd, and 3rd game and tosses it all together. They even do a fantastic homage to Super Mario and all. This game is the 'all encompassing Mario game.' It controls very well, as Mario has always done. Plus you can use, all sort of controllers to play the game! I don't know what it is, but Mario games just seem to always be good, and this one is no exception. I almost forgot to mention the 'Cat Suit.' Which at first is kind of weird right? It's actually pretty cool! Crawling up the walls, pouncing on enemies, really cool!

If you were wondering if buying a WiiU is a good idea, at this point, I would say...yes! But is one game worth a $300 purchase? YES! The quality the Nintendo shells out every year in their exclusive games is always good. Sure, there are not to many games coming out at this time...but that does pressure Nintendo to bring out some QUALITY titles.

Super Smash Bros anyone?