Nintendo, you had one job this holiday season, and that was to release the highly anticipated new Star Fox game for your home video game console before Christmas.

And now you're telling me, that isn't going to happen.

Turns out the new Star Fox game for WiiU, Star Fox Zero is going to be delayed to next year.

While in most cases, I would understand because usually a delay for a video game is good thing. It usually means that they are working on perfecting the game, which is most likely the reason the game is being delayed, but Nintendo really needed this to survive the holiday season.

There are some Grade A titles coming out for Xbox One and Playstation 4, so Nintendo once again might be left in the dust this holiday season.

However, they do have the secret weapon of amiibos, which I know are going to be on every kids Christmas list. Maybe even Mario Maker or Splatoon, which seem to be holding their own.

Oh well, I am overall not that affected by it. I don't have a million hours to play video games like some people today, so having a new game delayed isn't the worst thing, especially if they are working to make the game better.

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