There is a lot of areas in Michigan where there is no high speed internet, new state funding will improve that service in 6,700 locations.

You don't have to go to far from Grand Rapids to find areas where there is no high speed internet. I live 47 miles north of GR and there is no high speed internet.

Not having high speed internet is why I don't have an internet provider at my house. During the pandemic we all set up studio's in our homes in case we had to work and I got the only service my area provided and it only lasted a week. We have to send big files to broadcast from home and the internet by me would lose the file either before hitting the satellite or on the way back.

I have internet on my phone, but where I live, even phone service is terrible. So pretty much if you live in the country far from a sizeable town or city, you don't have internet but that may change thanks to some new grants the state of Michigan will be providing 20 projects.

According to FOX 17, Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist and the Department of Technology, Management & Budget announce on Thursday an additional $15.3 million in funding awarded through the Connecting Michigan Communities grant program.

To be honest, I am surprised with lobbying and the greed of this country, it has take so long to get high speed internet to rural communities. Some still have no internet at all so things like streaming movies or buying products online are just not an option.

I thought with the pandemic and the need for online schooling would speed up the process but it didn't but it did show a need to beef up the speed of the internet and a need for making it easier to get and more affordable for those who live on low incomes.

In today's world, high speed internet is a necessity and could allow for more people to work from home, more people to be able to get higher educations and make our personal and professional lives better.

I sure hope this high speed internet they speak of makes it to my neck of the woods in Newaygo County.

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