It is pretty exciting that Big Ten football is back, mainly, University of Michigan and Michigan State University.

Let's start with the first game of the weekend that I listened to on the radio since I had my hands full at the house with my son and a new puppy.

MSU had their first home game against Rutgers and came up on the short end of the stick losing 38-27. Either the Spartans had a really bad day or Rutgers was just that good.

Well we all know turnovers will kill you and that is exactly what happened to the Spartans. Giving up the ball six times is always a sure way to beat yourself. The final interception of the game from Rutgers pretty much put the lights out for the Spartans.

Next week it's the Michigan rivalry with MSU taking on U of M and a game all Michiganders look forward to each year.

The University of Michigan on the other hand came right out of the gate to put a beat down on Minnesota winning 49 to 24.

The Wolverines brought 481 yards of offense and got the job done rather easily. With five sacks in the game and three straight in the fourth quarter, it really showed the Wolverines defense was ready to play.

Michigan State will have their hands full against the Wolverines this Saturday.

There was one more game that I popped in and out of that was really good and that was the Detroit Lions performance against the Atlanta Falcons winning with a final second touchdown pass giving them the upper hand 23-22 in Atlanta.

I hope that Lions team shows up the rest of the season. Stafford looked great.

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