A guy I was drinking with at the bar last weekend told me this story, he called it, the tale of the Connecticut fart stabber. Tells me a 21 year old guy named Mark was at a party and wasted off his ass, and apparently he couldn't stop ripping the biggest nastiest farts the world has ever seen, heard and smelled.

So all the guys at the party started teasing him and making fun of him, and then all the chicks at the party got in on the action, and pretty soon everyone at the party was teasing this guy about being so stinky. So the guy picks up a beer bottle, smashes it down on the floor and he walks out. About 10 minutes later, the guy walks back in and he's got a big knife in his hand, and then he goes all Michael Meyers, and starts stabbing people! He stabbed 3 guys and one chick before a bunch of guys tackled him and called the cops. 3 of the 4 people he stabbed are gonna be fine, but one of the guys he stabbed, a 21 year old guy named Matt Walton....died!


When cops arrested him, he confessed to the stabbings saying he didn't really target anyone special, he was pissed off at everyone at the party so he just started stabbing the first people he saw. I guess he's being held without bond, possibly facing life in prison, and the guy at the bar told me the cops were calling it “The case of the Connecticut fart stabber!” Not sure if they’re really calling it that or not, but if I was a cop that’s what I would call it for sure! Who would have thought stinky farts could lead to a guy getting killed.

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