On Thursday night, December 1st, I drove down to Kalamazoo to see some great bands at the Kalamazoo State Theater. Really nice theater, and I've been a fan of In Flames since I first heard Colony. Their new album, Battles, came out last month, and they're touring the US with Hellyeah, From Ashes to New, and Source.

Source kicked off the show with something completely different from everything else on the bill. Heavy, sludgy, proggy, these guys have some really cool songs. There's some Tool, Opeth, Between the Buried and Me, Karnivool, and a bunch of other styles coming together in this band. They started off with their song "Forgiveness", and chopped up versions of a couple other songs, so that, in their own words, they could play three songs that night!

I dig me some long proggy metal, dude. Seriously. Check these guys out, they're really good.

Then, From Ashes to New hit the stage, with something a bit more straightforward, even if the band lineup is a little different. Two singers, two guitarists, and a drummer. No bass player. They played some cool songs, and wrapped things up with the song you've probably heard on the radio, "Through It All".

Give them a listen!

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