Few things are as satisfying as watching a grown man in a bedazzled hat cry on camera.

In this case, the grown man is retired NBA Hall of Fame forward and prominent kook Dennis Rodman.

The last time he was making headlines wasn't pleasant.

You might remember how he checked into rehab for alcoholism shortly after going full-bonkers during a questionable visit to North Korea.

Well, as evidenced by this latest video, that old well of insanity hasn't quite dried up, Deadline Hollywood reports.

Rodman says things like: "Didn't you know he just killed his uncle? ... No I didn't know that. What?!"

It's like he's making the case he couldn't have known North Korea was such a mess, which as we all know is common knowledge.

"I'm not Martin Luther King. I'm not this bulls**t. If someone (were to) shoot me, please do it today!" he exclaims, completely failing at being normal.

You're not convincing anyone, Rodman.

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