If you were to see this guy walking down the street, you probably wouldn't think twice about him. He just looks like an average guy.

But it turns out that 26-year-old Joe from Boston is actually homeless and lives on the streets of New York. And, if you want to get technical, he's really only homeless a couple of days a week.

Joe is a bit of a ladies man. He's a smooth talker and manages to spend up to four or five nights a week with many different girls.

How does he manage that when he's homeless? He's got his ways, according to Elite Daily.

Joe makes up to $150 a day panhandling. He also goes into drug stores and opens up hair gel and deodorant, uses them and then walks out. He spends most of his money on booze and drugs.

So, again, he doesn't appear to be homeless.

While Joe definitely comes off as a big scumbag, the fact that he's able to live like this and get by from day to day is pretty impressive. But we still hate him.