So, if you have firefighter friends and one of them says that they're bored, maybe offer them a board game to play or go out for a beer or something. But definitely DON'T do what this woman did.

Last summer in July 2013, 23-year-old Sadie Renee Johnson, of Warm Springs, Ore., wanted to help out her bored firefighter pal. So, she threw a lit firecracker from her car window.

Her thinking was that it would give her friends something to do, and boy did it! The ensuing blaze burned 51,000 acres and forced evacuations, KTVZ reported.

Johnson is now paying for her little favor to her friends. The cost to fight the fire came in at just under $8 million, and she is required to pay that IN FULL! Ouch!

Warm Springs woman admits sparking 51,000-acre wildfire

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