Here at The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show, we are all about giving our listeners some good advice to live by.

For example, if you should ever choose to get butt implants (or really plastic surgery of any type), avoid going to an unlicensed provider who is known by a nickname like "Wee Wee."

Unfortunately for one Dallas woman, she did not heed this life pro tip.

She allowed Wee Wee to administer multiple syringes full of saline directly into her butt in hopes of getting professional results while being on a budget, Dallas' KXAS-TV NBC5 reported. Wee Wee and a friend also had the bright idea of sealing the injection wounds with Super Glue and cotton swabs.

Shockingly, Wee Wee is not a doctor and is now wanted along with her friend for practicing medicine without a license, KXAS-TV NBC5 reported.

As dumb as Wee Wee may be for thinking this was her way to make her riches, the victim might be even dumber for willingly agreeing to the procedure.

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