We have all seen people with service or therapy animals before. And it's pretty grate to see how a cute puppy or kitten can help someone through a difficult time, or even help them physically.

But, in our opinion, those jobs are reserved for very few animals.

This woman in Beaver Dam, Wis., has a therapy animal that supposedly helps her cope with emotional distress.

The animal? No, it's not a black lab. It's a freakin' kangaroo!

Now, while it may indeed help her out, that doesn't give her the right to bring the thing into the local McDonald's whenever she wants a Big Mac, does it?

But she did recently and a McDonald's customer called the cops, WISN 12 News reported.

When police arrived, Diana Moyer had already left the restaurant and was sitting in her car with her cuddly friend named Jimmy wrapped in a blanket in a child's seat.

According to Wisconsin state law, it is not illegal to have such exotic pets, so there was really nothing the cops could do.

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings