The beauty of GPS is that you no longer have an excuse for getting lost. Besides, they're just so darn convenient. You don't know how to get somewhere? No problem! The magic inside your little electronic device will be your guide! Also, if you DO happen to get lost, you can just blame the GPS, right? Well, that's what this truck driver in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is doing!

According to WISN 12, a driver managed to get his truck stuck on a pedestrian bridge, after a series of really bad mistakes. From the images in the news story, it may look like the truck didn't get on the bridge, but just drove right up to it. However, if you watch the entire story, you'll quickly find out that he actually made it across one pedestrian bridge, only to get stuck as he attempted to cross the second! His excuse: the GPS told him to do it.

However, while the GPS may indeed have told him to turn there, he does have eyes. There's really no excuse for a huge mistake like this.

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