There are many things nowadays that can be distracting for you while you're driving, whether it be food, CD player or your phone.
Well, your passengers can also be a distraction and in this case it's the driver's friend.
Who knows what his motivation behind his action, but it may have been to impress the two girls that were riding in the back of the Ford Bronco. Keep in mind that none of the four people in the vehicle were wearing seat belts.
Credit: ThinkStock
Credit: ThinkStock
What the 16-year-old passenger did was take out a lighter and light the 18-year-old driver's armpit hair on fire.
WHAT?!? Well this led to the driver losing control and rolling the Bronco.

Now, remember that no one was wearing a seat belt. The two girls in the backseat were thrown from the vehicle, but luckily no one was badly injured. There are too many distractions to driving as it is, so we recommend not pulling something like this.

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