You might be someone who thinks that you have a pretty high tolerance and drink quite a bit in a night.

However, according to former pro wrestler Ric Flair, you have got NOTHING on Andre the Giant.

Apparently because of Andre's 7-foot, 4-inch, 520-pound size, he was known to be able to really put them back.

But this story is just plain CRAZY.

Flair said that one night Andre's manager tried to go drink-for-drink with the Giant, but came up pretty short.

While Andre's manager was only able to slug back 55 beers in five hours, which seems like a feat in itself, the Giant was able to guzzle down 106 beers in that same five hours.

That's right, 106!

While we would highly recommend you not trying this, talk about impressive!

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings