7News Sydney's Peter Steer was on his way to report on an incident in Australia where a man broke into a woman's home, injuring her and then fleeing on his motorcycle.

While en route to the crime scene, a man on a motorcycle flagged him down and confessed to the crime on camera!

The man literally had blood on his hands. Steer called police and tried to keep the suspect calm.

If the story ended there, that would be crazy enough. But it didn't.

After mulling it over for a few minutes, the suspect decided he didn't want to turn himself in after all. He pulled what he had previously said was a fake gun on the reporter, hopped in his news truck and took off!

The cops showed up, picked up the reporter and took chase.

The whole ordeal finally ended when the suspect crashed the news truck into a huge gas tank at a gas station and then tried to set the whole place on fire.

Crazy! And the whole thing was caught on camera!

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