Being naked is very freeing.

Who doesn't love walking around in the buff from time to time?

Garrett Smith, a 21-year-old from Anaheim, Calif., is one of those people.

On Saturday night, Smith stripped naked and sprinted through an apartment complex parking lot in Anaheim for seemingly no reason. Possibly feeling threatened by a Mazda minivan parked in the lot, he charged at it head first and dove through its back window, Los Angeles' KLTA-TV 5 News reported.

Luckily for us, the incredible scene was caught by a surveillance camera for the complex's parking lot.

Somehow, this did not knock Smith out cold! He got up and eventually continued on his way. He was arrested later about a mile down the road and was taken to a hospital.

He faces possible criminal charges of vandalism, being under the influence and resisting arrest, authorities told KTLA-TV.

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