Each Friday, “The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show” replaces its regular “back-with” music with songs from our own music collections.

They can be anything, from corny mash-ups, rock, country, mid-Michigan '70s butt rock or anything in between.

Here’s the list of Music Friday songs from today:

Hot Wings
Willamena -- "The Other Side of Loneliness"
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds -- "Ballad of the Mighty I"

Eric Zane
White Zombie -- "Thunder Kiss 65'"
Chuck Berry -- "Back in the USA"
Bob Seger -- "Detroit Made"
Grinderman -- "Honey Bee (Let's Fly to Mars)"

Producer Joe
Z Trip, featuring Murs -- "Kiss (Remix)"

Meghan Trainor -- "Lips Are Movin'"

Free Beer didn't have any songs to share today.

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings