A Burlington, Iowa, woman has been charged with a misdemeanor crime after a feud with a neighbor went a little too far.

The problem started years ago, when one neighbor complained to the other about their loud, barking dogs. Numerous calls to the police and animal control yielded no results. The neighbor with the dogs finally got tired of all of the complaining and decided to do something about it.

Instead of confronting the neighbor and attempting to work out a compromise, she instead ordered a poop combo pack from an online poop retailer and sent it to the complaining neighbor!

Well, that was a bad decision because the woman is now being charged with a misdemeanor, and could face up to 30 days in jail and a $625 fine, WQAD-TV News 8 reported.

People, listen up. If you have an issue with your neighbor, just talk it out. Don't send them poop.

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