This shows you how stupid high school kids can be, and most of them are pretty stupid.

This idiot teen-aged kid really wanted to go to prom with another girl, so he needed to think of a clever way to ask her.

Well, his clever way to ask was to get with his friends and steal a goat to supposedly help him ask the girl to prom.

His plan was to ask the girl to prom by saying: "Will you goat with me to prom?"

Get it? Get it?

There are a couple of reasons why this kid felt the need to seek the help of a goat to ask a girl to prom. One, the goat is better looking than he is. And, two, the goat is smarter than he is.

On the latter, well, here's the deal on that: the kid and his fellow teens got charged for stealing the goat, Atlanta's WAGA-TV reported.

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