On Friday afternoon, "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" crew took over afternoon drive on our home station, 97.9 WGRD, and held a radio telethon with our friends in the band Wayland to raise money and awareness for the A-T Children's Project.

For the GRD Radiothon, we took pay-for-play requests where people could pay money to hear us play ANYTHING at all.

Thanks to the generosity of our listeners, we were able to raise $10,000 in just four hours. But unfortunately, there was one casualty.

Midway through the show, someone called in and requested the song "The Weight" by The Band.

This song is one of the greatest sing-along songs ever written.

So, we were following suit and singing along in the studio. However, Hot Wings got a little too excited and managed to knock over his massive cup of coffee DIRECTLY on to the keyboard of his computer.

Yeah, it's ruined.

But don't worry! He's got a backup computer that he's using today!

Free Beer & Hot Wings
Free Beer & Hot Wings

We just happened to be recording video at the time of the disaster. While Hot Wings wasn't in frame at the time, the aftermath of the disaster is very clear.

Also, a listener was recording our video stream at the time and sent us the video of the actual spill moment! Check that out below.

WXMI Fox 17 on GRD Radiothon

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