Thanks to dash cams on police officer's cars, people have been given the glorious opportunity to see exactly what happens to some people when they get pulled over by the 5-0.

Well, this one is definitely topping the charts as one of the more interesting dash cam videos that has been leaked.

Yes, there's a million videos of drunk drivers getting pulled over and making goofy mistakes. While this video includes many, many mistakes, the reason it's so interesting is because of the person who is in it.

This guy is the president of a Michigan community college and apparently a few people called the police in regards to him driving poorly. Despite his education level, he has a little difficulty doing something so simple as saying the alphabet and counting from 50 to 25.

It's a perfect example of how even the smartest people can become instantly stupid with a little help from everyone's best friend, booze.

Drink. Have fun. Just don't drive.

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings