Some police officers think that they're above the law just because they're cops.

That's exactly what this idiot thought.

An Uber driver honked his horn at a New York Police Department detective because he didn't use his blinker, which angered the officer for some reason.

So, the cop pulled the man over to yell at him, New York's WCBS-TV reported. Not only did he yell at him, but he also used racist statements against the man, including asking him how long he had been in the country.

The detective must have also forgotten that everything an officer of the law does is recorded, and this was no different as the person in the back seat of the vehicle recorded the conversation.

The video was seen by higher-ups at the NYPD and, needless to say, they were not happy.

New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton publicly apologized Wednesday to the Uber driver. Also, the officer involved, identified as Patrick Cherry, has been stripped of his gun and badge, The New York Post reported.

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