Today's Free Beer and Hot Wings Segment 16 covers a new phone scam discovered by WZZM, where someone pretends to work for Consumer's Energy and threatens to turn off your business' power if you don't pay then over the phone immediately! They've collected some money already, and Consumers wants you to know that they don't do that!

This leads the guys into a discussion about our own building's lack of hot water. What kind of poverty building do we work in, that we don't have hot water? Is it an option? Is this something we SHOULD be getting?


Also, the guys are participating in a fundraiser for Team Blair, who's helped with Holiday Break-Ins a lot. He's been diagnosed with glioblastoma, and needs help with medical expenses for his treatment.

If you or your business has any items that would be good for the auction, please contact either Eric Zane or Free Beer. Thank you!

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