Police in Hamburg Michigan posted on their Facebook page over the weekend that there is a phone scam happening at least in their neck of the woods, but more than likely other towns and cities here in Michigan.
According to their Facebook post, it says the Hamburg Township Police Department took three complaints, in one afternoon, from residents who all received automated phone calls from who the call said was the Social Security Administration. The recording then tells the person who they called to call another number, an 878 number, which when the victim calls that number back a person answers as a representative of the Social Security Administration office and tries to get personal information from them.
As the post says and it’s true, government agencies don’t usually call you and ask for your personal information or your banking information. Nor will they ever ask you to update information over the phone, UNLESS you’ve called the actual number for that government entity, which would be published in multiple places.
My big question is, why would the Social Security Administration call you? When they could send out mail that makes it more secure because they can track it and require a signature;  but also benefits another government agency that always needs money, the US Postal Service.
If you do believe that a government agency is really calling you, the Hamburg Township Police Department says that you should look up a phone number for that agency using an independent source, ie. Google or White Pages or call an operator and actually call them back on the real, published phone number, l not the one that the recording gave you.
They also recommend that if you get one of these calls you should hang up and probably call your local police department and let them know that you’re getting the scam call so they can help stop it for you and other potential victims.

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